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Sue Rogers

Non Union

A five-star international hotel, a humanitarian organization, five cartoon characters, two provincial parks and a funeral home all have one thing in common… Sue Rogers. Dedicated to tailoring her delivery to communicate their purpose, passion or product has made Sue the go-to personality for many clients.

After over 25 years of working independently as an on-camera and voice-over host, actor and model, Sue (she/her) is excited to be newly signed with da Costa Talent. Busy throughout Southern Ontario, Sue has also enjoyed opportunities to travel for contracts in the Dominican Republic, the Netherlands and throughout the United States, living out her personal motto; Make the most of today, and you won’t regret yesterday, tomorrow.

Having modelled from a young age, Sue attended Toronto Metropolitan University’s Radio & TV Arts program to develop her presentation, writing and producing skills. She has worked primarily in the corporate sector, hosting and acting in countless tourism, fund-raising, on-line sales and instructional projects, thoroughly enjoying the process of bringing meaning to any message.