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Susan Robb

Non Union

(She/her) A vivacious soul and Voice Actor extraordinaire, Susan Robb’s passion for lifting a character off the page and bringing it to life knows no bounds.  Her zeal and dedication for character acting is eruptive and you can hear that energy in numerous fiction podcasts (Savage Waking: Obliteration, The Green Lion and The Adventures of the Fox in the Fedora), future original fan films (Star Wars; The Chosen One), Escape Room characters (Diane Hastings / Escape Artist Greenville) and a plethora of local commercials.  Upcoming projects include more fiction podcasts (a guest role on Deconstructive Criticism and a supporting role in Merona Grant and the Lost Tomb of Golgotha) and a couple of Mom roles on a new animated series (NDA). 

After completing a 20+ year career in Advertising Media Planning & Buying, Susan had to tend to a creative spark in the right side of her brain which she knew was going to ignite into a blazing bonfire at any moment.  It all started with intensive training with the Government accredited school, “On the Mic” in Vancouver.  (340+ hours and 20+ working Instructors).  From there, Susan met and connected with her ongoing VO coach and mentor, Brian Dobson.  She is also expanding her current learning with Elley-Ray Hennessey’s “Mastering Characters” course through “Closing Credits”. 

One minute she’ll give an authentic performance grounded in real life circumstance and the next, she will flabbergast you with a sassy, super wacky/cartoony invention.  Susan loves this incredible world of imagination and play. 

She also enjoys her time with fabulous friends & family, baking up a storm for celebrations and going to the next movie release at the local theatre.