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Sydney Wambua

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Sydney Wambua is a passionate and multi-talented actor, singer, writer, and content creator from Mississauga, Canada.

Sydney always had an innate interest in the idea of embodying personalities different than his, as it allowed him to experience different perspectives. Starting as his silly and childish ideas of being a robot who could fly, this ever-growing interest blossomed into a love for impersonating and acting characters that weren’t exactly his, singing songs which brought out feelings he’d never felt before, and writing stories that conveyed many themes that were and still are beyond his own life experiences.

His theatrical ventures began at the tender age of 13 years old, with his greatest experiences including lead roles in “21 Chump Street”, “We Will Rock You”, “Grease”, “West Side Story”, and more. All of which were produced by director William Scoular and performed at the Wirth Theatre.

His commercial experience included multiple advertisements for St. Andrew’s College’s new “sister-school” St. Anne’s School, directed by William Scoular; and MiSchool directed by Naeem Tariq.

Beginning at the age of 12, his experience in vocal performance included multiple song performances held annually from 2019-23 at Roy Thomson Hall, dedicated to a near decade old tradition at his high-school, St. Andrew’s College. He’s also had multiple cameos in Coffee Houses, expressing his vocal talents through singing, rapping, and freestyling his own songs and other mainstream singles.

His experience in content creation has been growing from 2016 to this day. Filming, producing, editing, and manifesting 100% of his content through the official brand name “WambuaLooba”, renamed in 2021, Sydney has amassed a following of nearly 30K followers across multiple platforms, 4 of which reside on his most prioritized platform, his YouTube channel. As of March in 2023, his YouTube channel became monetized and his growth began to grow rapidly, earning over 1,000 subscribers in less than 30 days.

Young and eager to grow in ways he’s never tried before, Sydney is a talent that’s ready to show the world what you can do when you strive to surpass your limits.