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Synthia Yusuf


Synthia is a natural-born performer; from directing and starring in plays with her younger brother in their living room at the age of 5, and singing to the neighbour’s dog at the age of 8, Synthia’s natural talent has always been undeniable. Though she had the passion, Synthia came from a humble background and her parents were not able to afford structured singing/dane lessons throughout her youth. Synthia took training into her own hands by pursuing all the clubs, workshops, and extracurricular activities the public school system offered. Throughout this time Synthia’s love and dedication for performing only grew. It wasn’t until her late teens, when Synthia had saved up enough, that she began her professional training.

Synthia enrolled in the Musical Theatre diploma program at Capilano University straight after graduating high school. Over her three years there, she honed her triple-threat skills under the guidance of Vancouver and Canada’s finest creatives. After graduating from Capilano, Synthia continues her acting, singing and dancing training in any way and as often as she can. She believes an artist is never truly done learning. Synthia has successfully immersed herself into the Vancouver Musical Theatre community, working on everything from workshops and emerging theatre projects, to performing with the Arts Club Theatre on the Stanley stage where she most recently starred as Maria in The Sound of Music.

Synthia is extremely passionate about diversity in storytelling, and the power artists have to galvanize change in the community. She looks forward to collaborating with more artists on creating meaningful stories that inspire, enrich and enhance lives.