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Syona Joshi

Non Union

Syona Joshi’s passion for dance goes hand in hand with her love of acting, particularly for film. In 2021 she was cast in a Principal role for a feature length film about a team of gymnasts. She can also be seen as a dancer in “Luckiest Girl Alive”.

Syona’s interest in the arts began with gymnastics where she developed a love for performance, agility, training and technique. At the age of ten, she transitioned to dance, and she embraced the opportunity to combine her musicality with the precision and punctuality required in the dance arts. In the past few years, in addition to top overall awards, Syona has received numerous judges’ choice awards at dance competitions entitled ‘Terrific Transitions,’ ‘Perfect Balance, ‘Wing and a Prayer,’ ‘Silent Mode,’ and ‘Execution Excellence.’

Syona has competitive level experience in all styles of dance, and has performed solos in acrobatics, contemporary, jazz, and lyrical dance. In 2020 she trained as a soloist with a national team, which was to represent Canada in the Dance World Cup in Italy. She is also a member of the full time advanced competitive team at The Nine Dance Academy.

Syona also has trained in musical theatre, acting, piano, and voice. Syona has always been a straight-A student, and is a part of the International Baccalaureate program at Parkdale Collegiate Institute. She has a strong work ethic and constantly strives for excellence.