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Tanjot Panesar

Non Union

Captivating the city of Toronto with his nuanced movement and heartfelt performances, Tanjot Panesar is known in the improvisation community for his innovation and is recognized as a well-known movement artist.

From opening at Toronto’s largest nightlife concert destination as a dancer for Rajan and Tory Lanez’s collaboration on the song “Maybe”, choreographing movement for Alexander Stewart’s music video, choreographing live stage pieces for “Origins” – a competitive dance team, to traveling across several Canadian cities delivering his “Mindful Movement” workshops, Tanjot proves himself multifaceted and hardworking in various areas.

In the past year, he has performed as the forest element in a sold-out KINAJ live show “Bodies of Nature”, and has showcased his own choreography at “Fever After Dark” capturing the story of freedom through intense and dramatic stage visuals. Using his training in movement styles such as hip-hop, popping, contemporary jazz/fusion, and qi-gong, he has found a unique way of storytelling that is driven by breathwork. Some mentors that have played a crucial role in shaping his movement, mindset, and method are Galen Hooks (Method), Mark Samuels, Joe Tuliao (Illustrative Society), Neil Robles, Peter D’Souza, Chris Clarke, Sorah Yang (ABBD), and Markus Pe Benito.

Tanjot continues to expand his abilities by pursuing acting opportunities in student-led films and in the theatre arts.