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Theresa Fernandes

Non Union

Theresa Fernandes is a captivating artist, driven by her strong passion for the performing arts. Theresa comes from a diverse cultural background and brings uniqueness to every setting. Her versatility and drive show an unparalleled commitment to artistic excellence. Born and raised in Toronto, Theresa’s journey in dance began at the young age of 4. The extracurricular slowly transformed into a passion, and Theresa knew this was something she wanted to pursue beyond the dance studio. She is also determined to showcase vocal strengths and integrate her various disciplines. Theresa’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of her craft and exploring new horizons is what sets her apart as a dynamic force.

Trained in various dance forms such as hip hop, contemporary, jazz, ballet, acrobatics and cultural dances, Theresa brings a distinct and versatile flair to every performance. She is currently enrolled in a specialized dance program and trains as a competitive dancer at Dancepirations Academy. Continuously building on growth and experience, Theresa has trained and collaborated with several globally recognized choreographers. She has also held lead roles in productions and student film projects, bringing exposure to her interdisciplinary artistry.

Theresa’s latest on screen experience is Invisalign’s “Breaking the Band” commercial as a featured dancer. Theresa has also been a part of many life stage performances at Flato Markham Theatre with Arts Unionville Dance Program, such as, “Dance Highlights”, “Luna Winter Show”, “Alchemy”, and “Jazz Through the Ages”. Theresa has also presented a solo vocal performance at Nathan Phillips Square for Desifest Music Festival and placed second at Markham Idol 2019.

Theresa is ready to approach every new opportunity with positivity and a bright smile. She is beyond excited to venture into creative territories that influence what her future holds.