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Theresa Stork

Non Union

Theresa was born and raised in Germany. In 2019 she made the transition from Berlin to Canada and is super excited about the opportunity to experience the Canadian acting world. In Germany she completed a three-and-a-half year stage and film acting program at the Berlin School of Acting. After her training she performed at the Youth State Theatre of Bavaria for children, a young adult and adult audience for two seasons.

Back in Berlin, she worked for numerous theatre companies like i.e. the Neues Theater Zeitz ( New Theatre company of the city of Zeitz) and the Berlin Dungeon, an interactive theatre company that explores the dark history of Berlin. She performed in several German TV series as well as in the feature film FIKKEFUCHS.

In 2020 just after moving to Canada she performed in the award winning short movie “Seance Speaks Louder Than Words” as one of the lead actors directed by Christian Belisle.
She has also performed in the “Vagina Monologues” on stage at the Bronson centre in Ottawa and was lately one of the lead actors in the performance of the play “The Tribunal” by Breanne Oryschak at the Arts Court Theatre in Ottawa. Most recently she was cast as one of the lead actors in the World War II movie “Scheldt”, which will be shot in the summer of 2023.

As a performer and visual artist who has lived in many different countries like France and the U.S. Theresa considers herself as a keen observer of people and situations we all get in as people. She loves to transform herself into all of those different characters that get into all kinds of situations that life and storytelling about life has to offer.