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Thiago Dos Santos


Thiago dos Santos, has been a dancer for over two decades, including a 10 year professional ballet dance career. In 2017, after his debut in “Channel Zero: Butchers Block” as the Meat Servant, he changed his focus to learn the craft of acting. During his time as ballet dancer, he enjoyed the intricacies of character roles.  These roles provided him with the creative space to explore a diverse range of acting on stage. Since then, Thiago has fallen in love with Creature Performing, and with his dance background he has been able to create unique movements and creatures.

His highlight includes working with directors Chloe Okuno in V/H/S/94 (Segment: Storm Drain) as Raatma, J. Miles Dale in Monkey House “Shotgun” (Music Video), Andy Muschietti in IT: Chapter 2, Taika Waititi and Kyle Newacheck in What We Do In The Shadows (TV series), and Michelle Latimer in Burden of Truth (Season 2). As well as with movement choreographer Roberto Campanella, dancer choreographers Twyla Tharp, James Kudelka and prima ballerina Evelyn Hart.

Thiago commitment to continuous growth includes on camera classes  with Lynne Cormack,  Marvin Karon, Bruce Clayton, Dave Brown, Robin Ruel and Jim Heber, in addition to Motion Capture workshops with Pascal Langdale, basic stunts with Rick & Sean Skene and Improv for Actors at Second City.

Originating from Brazil, He made the decision to relocate to Canada in 2007 after securing a full dance scholarship. From 2008-2017 he performed with a professional ballet company where he toured across North America, Israel, China and Europe.

Currently Thiago has been auditioning for tv and film as well as teaching ballet and coaching dancers.

“Although I could say much about the dancers, I’ll stick to just a few here. I couldn’t get enough of Thiago Dos Santos as the Drosselmeier (her Godfather). His grandiose performance kept everyone in line and really stole the show for me” – The Review Weekly, Vancouver.