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Toria Summerville


Toria Summerville began as an internationally-acclaimed, and award-winning dancer and circus artist. She has been trained in many styles of dance and circus disciplines, but specializes in contortion and acrobatics. Formally trained at the performing arts school, O’Neill CVI, where she majored in their drama and dance programs, Toria always knew at a young age that she was meant to be an actor and performer.

Throughout her youth, she acted and danced in many local theatre shows and talent competitions. As a young teenager, so was asked to audition for Nickelodeon, and landed a role on YTV’s “Extreme Babysitting”.

Her professional live performance career has led her to perform across North America. Her most notable credits include being a featured performer at Canada’s largest fair; The Canadian National Exhibition. She had the honour of performing her contortion act on a live televised national broadcast for the NBA, on Halloween night for the Toronto Raptors game. She has had the pleasure of performing for Howie Mandel and being praised by him on “Canada’s Got Talent” where he stated that Toria was, “Inspirational, aspirational, and a prime example of what we love to celebrate here on Canada’s Got Talent”. She received a big “yes” from all 4 judges, for her contortion performance.

What makes Toria unique is that she was born with a rare connective tissue disorder called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome that makes her much more flexible than the average person; there is no CGI needed for the unique stunts she performs. She has always been a huge horror fan, and has always felt that she was born to use her freakishly bendy body to create unique scenes.

Her successful live performances have been continuously elevated to cinematic experiences. She enjoyed working with directors Eli Roth for “Trick VR Treat”, Chris Holt for “The Devil on Trial”, and Corin Hardy for “Whistle” for creature roles and contortion stunts to name a few.

Her dreams have always been to make your worst nightmares come to life! She eagerly awaits future productions where she can dive into transforming herself into unique characters and creatures.