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Logan McQuaid

Non Union

Logan McQuaid is a skilled voice actor whose journey into the realm of acting commenced in 2016. Inspired by a high school teacher, Logan embarked on a continuous pursuit of excellence in acting, a journey that led him to specialize in voice acting. Logan’s commitment to delivering exemplary work on time is emblematic of his professionalism and dedication to every project he undertakes. With a foundation in comedy, Logan has honed his versatile skills across various institutions, further enriching his acting repertoire. 

A graduate of Niagara College’s Acting for Film and Digital Media program, Logan has gained knowledge of the intricacies of the filmmaking and acting process, a testament to his comprehensive education and hands-on experience. His time at the college was marked by significant learning opportunities under acclaimed instructors, such as Lori Ravensborg, and active participation in student films such as “The Verdict” and “The Last Words.” Logan’s directorial venture in a student film showcased his multifaceted talents, including choreography, editing, and cinematography.He has also completed several improv workshops at Second City. His skills extend beyond acting, with proficiency in drumming, since 2018, and stunt training, under the guidance of Edward Queffelec, further demonstrating his dynamic skill set. 

Logan’s resilience and ongoing dedication were notably evident when he faced the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. His determination saw him return to Niagara College in the winter of 2021, culminating in his graduation in June 2022. 

Currently, Logan is dedicated to continuous improvement and expansion of his craft, with plans to pursue further voice training and education at Second City.