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Justin Gatbonton

Non Union

Justin Gatbonton, born in Newmarket, Ontario, is making his first steps into the acting and modeling world. As an Honour Roll student and a competitive player in the OPDL, Ontario’s premier youth soccer league, Justin applies the same discipline and teamwork to his early acting and modelling training.

With striking hazel eyes and a friendly charm, Justin naturally draws attention. His approachability and lively energy make him a favourite among peers and a standout in public settings.

Beyond his personality, Justin’s athletic, slim, and muscular build showcases his active lifestyle. This physical stature, coupled with his commitment to learning and growing in the performing arts, positions him as an ideal choice for roles requiring a youthful, athletic appearance and the versatility to adapt. Agents looking for fresh, energetic, and physically prepared talent will find Justin’s combination of attributes and budding passion for the arts a perfect match for various acting and modelling projects.