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Troy James


After years of hiding his freakishly bendy body from teasing kids, “Twisty” Troy James has moulted that fear and is now showing the world what nightmares are made of. From humble beginnings as a character performer at Canada’s Wonderland, Troy is now one of the fastest growing internet sensations with videos of his horror creature inspired characters acquiring over 60 million views in just weeks.

After an outstanding audition on season 13 of America’s Got Talent that gained over 32 million views on the America’s Got Talent facebook page, Troy has gained serious recognition from Industry professionals. Nick Antosca, the writer and producer for Channel Zero (2016) and Hannibal (2015) wrote the role of Pretzel Jack exclusively for James, “We actually wrote the season around him after we saw what he could do in a small role in Butcher’s Block [the previous installment of the show]. None of it is CG. Pretzel Jack’s contortions and bizarre behavior are entirely the performance of Troy James.”

Troy has also received praise from Oscar award winning director (The Shape of Water) and creator of popular TV show The Strain, Guillermo Del Toro. Del Toro recalls, “You are a master of your craft and I killed you off too quickly.” Troy James’ flexible ability is 100% real. There is no CGI required to create the horrific characters he portrays. You can see his characters on shows such as: The Void (Screen Media Films), Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments (ABC), The Strain (FX Network), Neverknock (SYFY), The Flash (The CW), Channel Zero (SYFY) and Hellboy (Lionsgate) to name a few.

Troy has teamed up with renowned creature movement creator and choreographer, Roberto Campanella (Shape of Water, Silent Hill, The Colony, The Expanse, The Strain) and Founding Cirque du Soleil Choreographer Debra Brown to “stretch” the possibilities as they create new and frightfully exciting creatures.