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Andrea Quinteros


Andrea Quinteros was born and raised in sunny El Salvador. Crediting her grandparents’ story as one that has motivated and inspired her the most, growing up in poverty, they moved to the city and started a corner store saving every penny to give their family a better life. 
At the age of 17, she moved to Vancouver, Canada completing a Fashion Marketing Diploma from the Art Institute of Vancouver and a Business Administration Associates Degree at Columbia College. Her life took a turn when she started crocheting in 2020; what had started as a hobby quickly turned into a business named Fibra Collective. Her goal is to teach her love of crochet to others through her YouTube channel
Her entrepreneurial spirit and outgoing personality easily led her to the world of entertainment.  Andrea began auditioning for commercials and immediately had success on camera and in VoiceOver.
Andrea is eternally grateful to her family for the opportunities they’ve provided, as well as aiding in her relocation to a city she adores, allowing her to meet the new people she now considers family.