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Victor Serfaty

Non Union

Victor Serfaty was born in Madrid, Spain and moved to Toronto, Canada with his parents before he reached his second birthday. Victor is of Sephardic Jewish heritage.

Victor went to Jewish day school for elementary school and The Community Hebrew Academy of Toronto (CHAT) for high school. Although Victor always had a love of acting and performing, there were no drama clubs or classes in Jewish day schools in the 70’s and 80’s, so he focused on sports and academics. Victor was a member of Yerachmiel Beguns Toronto Boys Choir and sang on the album “Miami Meets Toronto” released in 1978. After high school, he played 1 year of semi-pro baseball in the Dominican Republic and then went to York University where he earned a degree in Economics. Victor was a reporter and writer for the Excalibur for four years while at York University. After university Victor went into business for himself, began playing Poker professionally, married and had four children from that marriage. Victor is fluent in English and Spanish.

Victor got into acting relatively late in life at the encouragement of his friend, who believed Victor’s personality, life experience, and proficiency with the English language would suit him well in the craft.

After a few auditions for other projects, Victor was sent to audition for Aaron Sorkin, writer and director of “Molly’s Game” for the part of Diego. Due to Victor’s extensive knowledge and understanding of poker and Mr. Sorkin’s limited knowledge of the game, the audition lasted 45 minutes, resulting in Victor booking the job. In this role, Victor was responsible for orchestrating many of the poker scenes in the film. With the support of Mr. Sorkin and other cast members, Victor continues to pursue acting and take classes to strengthen his craft.

Victor studied acting at the Walter Alza Acting Studio in Toronto both in-studio and on Zoom. He also studies and practices individually with Dov Tiefenbach. Victor is willing to take on any role no matter how small it may be.