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Wesley deBoer

Non Union

Wesley is a charismatic, funny, friendly, easy going 6 year old boy whose enthusiasm exudes in all that he does. He loves school and is over the moon that he is able to attend in person.

Wesley likes to keep busy with various activities. He has taken Superboy dance classes, tennis and swimming lessons. He is currently taking piano lessons, playing soccer and hopes to learn to play hockey this winter. Wesley attended Mandarin immersion pre-school and continues to attend weekly Mandarin lessons.

Wesley is super comfortable around older kids and adults. He loves spending time with his 13 year old sister, Madeleine, and her friends.

In his spare time, he loves reading the Dragon Masters series, playing with his friends, biking, swimming, learning to skateboard, playing with his cat, Masai and his dog, Burger Rex – an homage to his favourite TV show Hudson & Rex.