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Winston Chen

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Winston Chen (he/him) is a Canadian-Taiwanese Voice Actor and a graduate of On The Mic Training’s Diploma Program. Ever since he was exposed to the world of voiceover at a young age, Winston has been captivated with the multitude of mediums involved. Inspired by the animations and video games that shaped his childhood, Winston aspires to bring his love for these mediums back into the voiceover industry. His youthful, spirited, and charismatic voice captivates today’s audience, brilliantly showcasing his authentic and quirky self.

After realizing his traditional education and career path wasn’t his true calling, Winston found On The Mic Training, where he had the opportunity to explore his passion for voice acting. It was here that he was able to work with many amazing industry talents and leaders, such as the likes of Kim Hurdon, Stéphanie Borschart, Marie Ward, Krystal Meadows, Pascal Langdale, Julius Cho, and many more! This experience equipped him with the skills and proficiency needed to thrive across various genres, including Animation, Commercial, and Dubbing.

Though just embarking on his voice acting journey, Winston has already made notable strides in the industry. From commercials to indie projects, WEBTOONs to student projects, his versatility and commitment to excellence have left a mark in every role he undertakes. In Winston Chen, the voiceover industry finds a promising talent brimming with passion, dedication, and a refreshing perspective. With his infectious energy and versatile skill set, he is poised to make a lasting impact in the world of voiceover.