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Zaven Robinson

Non Union

Zaven’s love for acting runs deep, fueling his passion to breathe life into every character he portrays. He starred in his first short film at just 4 years old. Currently, Zaven refines his acting skills through private coaching sessions with LeBlanc School of Acting. Additionally, he benefits from guidance under Jess Clement at Hamont Acting Studio. Yet, Zaven’s interests extend beyond acting; he shares his gaming adventures with his YouTube followers and indulges in hobbies like competitive swimming, piano playing, and biking when he’s not busy perfecting his craft. Amidst his busy schedule, Zaven remains grounded by the love of his family, including his big sister, and his loyal pet Sheepadoodle, Biscuit.

His kindness and genuine nature shine through both on and off the screen, making him not just a talented actor but also a wonderful person to get to know and to love.