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Declan Sheedy


Declan Roderic Sheedy (the serious one) was born just 33 minutes after his identical twin brother Gavin. Declan’s tenacious and humorous outlook were ever present from day one. He has always been a determined spirit that is fuelled by curiosity and how things work…his theory of ‘I’d rather deal with consequence than ask for permission” can be a real treat for the parent. However, his ability to reflect and perfect is uncanny for his age. This is clearly portrayed in his love of athletics and the arts, but his real super power is mathematics. Declan’s bags are already packed and he’s got one foot out the door and ready to embark upon the adventure of voice and camera work, with or without his brother.

Declan’s credits include acting alongside his twin brother in hit Amazon Video series The Boys, playing onscreen twins.

Declan is excited to continue his on-screen journey and show the world his eccentric personality!