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Gavin Sheedy


Gavin Dale Sheedy (the gentle one) was the first to arrive only 33 minutes before his identical twin brother Declan. Gavin’s soft nature and intuitive demeanour was evident early in life. He has always been a nurturer by nature. Although do not let that good natured manner fool you, when it comes to Gavin’s hockey, karate, swimming or soccer, he is a force to be reckon with. His competitive edge is strong and his creativity knows no bounds. For instance, his ability to put art to paper or create stories is abundant. Gavin reads at an advanced level for his age and can be found often with his nose in a chapter book. He is really looking forward to jumping into voice and on camera as an outlet for his ever-expanding creativity and imagination.

Gavin’s credits include appearing alongside his brother in hit Amazon Video series The Boys, playing onscreen twins.

Gavin is excited to continue his on-screen journey and show the world his eccentric personality!