Kaysi Dziver

Social Media Manager / Agency Assistant

With experience in different pockets of the arts, Kaysi brings a unique blend of skills to the da Costa team. 

A graduate of the Creative Industries program in Toronto, Kaysi specialized in music and film, and firmly believes that these are powerful tools for creative expression. Through collaborating with creatives during her education, Kaysi sees this as a transition to her current role in supporting new and established talent in the entertainment industry. With a background in administrative roles within protected environments for women and children, she approaches all work with a fundamentally caring and humble perspective. 

Kaysi’s experience extends from galleries to stages, including managing social media for Manitoba’s top entertainment venues, and capturing live content for artists such as Avril Lavigne and Chris Stapleton. As a Preparator for the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba, Kaysi worked with renowned Canadian artists like Shelley Niro to install exhibits that celebrate Canadian talent. Her curatorial experience extended in a musical capacity when she curated Winnipeg’s instalment of Ronnie Woods’ artwork in Summer 2022. Beyond this, Kaysi is a freelance creative, having collaborated with clients across retail, real estate, non-profit, music, and small business spaces. Kaysi is driven by a passion for creating memorable experiences and helping bring visions to fruition.

Embracing the ethos of “staying curious,” Kaysi remains eager to learn alongside the talented agents and clients within da Costa Talent. She is excited about the opportunities ahead and is committed to making meaningful contributions to both the team and da Costa clients.

Kaysi plans to stay behind the camera, but you may see her make an on-screen appearance in an episode of a Youtube series for Cirque du Soleil’s OVO.

“I’m a big proponent of staying curious, and I hope I can share that with the talent. Curiosity is a catalyst to creativity: just keep creating and you’ll build your universe”

Kaysi Dziver